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Convergence folk art performance production support project

The purpose of convergence folk art performance production support project is for creators in the folk art fields in Jinju to create the work creation support base. The project goes through the receipt of application and screening process, and selects the support institution, and supports the performance production cost and hosts the selected work demonstration event for the production of performance work in which folk art and media art technique are fused.
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Through performance support project, Jinju is expected to activate the creation base for performance industry, create the convergence performance contents and create the effect of local economy activation by linkage with creative tourism industry to support the marketing and commercialization of performance contents. In addition, we would like to contribute to improve the enjoyment rate of culture and art of locals through the public project that supports the cultural industry based on Jinju’s cultural asset.
Art convergence family play ‘Jinju Journey of Sloth Relaxation’-Relax, enter Jinju folk art company’ demonstration event
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Folk art dissemination Project (1 person 1 dance)

The one-person entertainment program to promote folk art is a grassroots culture and arts curriculum to make Jinju a global dance city. Efforts were made to remove the cultural gap between classes by providing opportunities for citizens to enjoy Jinju folk dance, and to establish a cultural and artistic ecosystem by discovering and fostering creative talents early.
Since the foundation of traditional culture has been formed in the local community for a long time, this project is promoted with the objectives of expansion of civic cultural services, encouraging artistic activities closely related to life, and discovering creative talents based on the dissemination activities that have been continued so far.
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City and culture lab is operated to promote the participation of citizen about Jinju’s urban plan and public space issues. The urban engineering, craft and folk art related activists creates the list of symbolic space and prepares the utilization plan through study and learning about historical symbolic space in Jinju. It is operated with 4 staged processes such as research, design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination in order to create the list and to draw the utilization plan of public spaces with symbolic meaning in Jinju. The research activities so far are expected to be expanded and be the base that enables to discover new agenda of UNESCO Creative City promotion business and to operate the citizen participation type cultural activity.
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Mangyeong-dong Alley Tour
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Arts and Culture Delivery Project

‘Culture art delivery’ project is one of the implementation plans that Jinju, which has participated in ‘Culture of sustainable city: pilot city learned through ‘culture of sustainable city’ program through MOU with UCLG, intends to improve the cultural environment of Jinju prepared through the self-evaluation on cultural status and cultural policy conducted on May 22, 2019.
Jinju hosts the performance visiting 16 eup and myeon regions to provide the chance for the citizens in the art alienated regions to participate in the cultural life, and to provide for citizens residing the rural area to enjoy the culture through this program. This event is expected to provide the chance for vulnerable classes to enjoy art and culture by strengthening access to cultural and artistic activities in various fields, and to provide the chance in which f artists in Jinju can exchange with public, private, and citizen sector activists by removing the cultural gap between urban and rural area.
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Traditional crafts startup idea contest

Jinju suggested the craft product contest and startup nurturing project as a plan to contribute to achieve the goal of UNESCO Creative City network and to strengthen the role of culture and creativity at the local level. The purpose of traditional craft startup idea contest is to activate the craft startup and to form the creation base for creators. The final winner will be selected through the application form and prototype screening. This project supports the production cost of specimen for the production of idea first selected, and hosts the exhibition for final selected work, and produces the work collection, and supports commercialization and marketing by hosting the startup related workshop. The traditional craft startup idea contest is expected to contribute to the vitalization of the cultural industry based on the traditional cultural assets of Jinju city and to increase the enjoyment rate of culture and arts by local residents.