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Creative City

UNESCO Creative City network meeting

UNESCO headquarter hosts the meeting every year to promote the international cooperation between cities that have the creativity as strategic element for sustainable development. If a city is designated as creative city, at least 1 city representative (along with mayor if possible) should participate in the annual meeting of UNESCO Creative City network for sure. All the travel costs and stay cost incidental shall be borne by the member city, and if one city representative or more except for mayor participates in the meeting, it is recommended to include the person in charge of contact (focal point).
Creative City Jinjue
Creative City

UNESCO Creative City network workshop

The Korean Committee for UNESCO operates the UNESCO Creative City network project promoted by UNESCO to promote sustainable urban development based on creativity and cultural industries, and promotes close cooperation between the Korean Committee of UNESCO and UNESCO Creative City and exchanges and cooperation between UNESCO Creative City in Korea. For this purpose, an advisory committee is established and operated, and Korean network meetings and workshops are held.