Notice Jinju, Unesco Creative Cith Biennale International Journal
Creative City

Strategy of Creative City Jinju

In order to promote the creative city of complex model 'urban-rural linkage development type’ under the vision of creative city embracing the history and culture and nurturing the future industry', Jinju City has set the main goals of fostering the creative industry, nurturing creative manpower, creating a creative atmosphere, activating international exchanges, and establishing a support system. The mid-long term development plan for the systematic and effective promotion of these goals is as follows.

Tasks and key strategies for each promotion goal

Objective Task
Objective 1
fostering the creative industry
- Jinju has various cultural assets, but didn't develop the cultural industry utilizing them.
Key strategy
-Supports the development of cultural products utilizing various cultural assets of Jinju and diversification of distribution channel.
Objective 2
nurturing creative manpower
- The high schools have no traditional culture and art-related courses.
- Elementary and middle school courses fail to develop the curriculum related to local culture. Key strategy
− High schools should develop traditional culture and art-related courses.
− Elementary and middle school courses should develop the curriculum-related with local culture
Objective 3
creating a creative atmosphere
- Insufficient projects to disseminate cultural assets to citizens
- Key strategy
- Activates popular dissemination of crafts and folk arts
Objective 4
Activating international exchanges
- Insufficient international exchange in culture and art area Key strategy
- Activating international exchanges in culture and art area e

Scope of plan

- Time Span: 2019(base year)-2035(Objective year)
Planning period

Stage Time Span
1st stage 2019-2023
2nd stage 2023-2027
3rd stage 2027-2031
4th stage 2031-2035

- Spatial extent : Whole city of Jinju