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Creative City
Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival
Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival © Jonggeun Yoo

Creative City Jinju

Jinju would like to be “Creative City embracing the history and culture in its arm and nurturing future industry”. This creative city is a city where you can enjoy the freshness of environment and the charm of culture' 'a city where it is good for creative talents to live and to do creative activity' 'a city where networking and creative city can be shared' To realize this vision, Jinju seeks the cultural development along with the social, economic, and environmental development of city, and sets the creative city model as follows in order to preserve the cultural identity of locals by nurturing the creative industry through this, and to establish new mode of creative city that seeks cultural variety, social Inclusion, sustainability. First, Jinju would like to establish 'Urban-rural linkage development type complex model' that combines some elements of Industrial-cultural convergence type, urban regeneration type, and cultural city type among various creative city models at home and oversea. Second, the model of Creative City Jinju emphasizes urban-rural connection development, the role of the cultural capital of Gyeongnam, living culture base, culture and industry convergence, creation of a cultural ecosystem, collaboration with other fields, and networking with domestic and foreign regions. Third, in order to promote the Creative City of this model, Jinju City has set the main goals of fostering the creative industry, nurturing creative manpower, creating a creative atmosphere, activating international exchanges, and establishing a support system. In order to realize these goals, Jinju would like to implement total 44 key projects and the detailed plans which include 13 projects for nurturing the creative industry, 10 projects for nurturing the creative talent, 9 projects for creating creative atmosphere, 7 projects for strengthening the international exchange and 5 projects for establishing the creative city promotion support system.